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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Zeng the Face: Cherie's Personal choice of makeup.

Whenever I head out with my friends, or just out & about to town, etc. I will always have makeup on.
I want to look good! & having makeup on give me an extra boost of confidence..
Over the years, my makeup routine changes, 
tried more & more makeup products to 'upgrade' my look.

It's not easy for me to achieve simple yet pretty eye makeup for me because I have single eyelids, & yet still want to look like I have huge beautiful eyes.

So I guess I will share my makeup routine and products I use pretty much on a daily basis...

I love trying out new products, & see what works for me.
I use tons of drugstore makeups because they work well & of course it's very affordable!
I never ever splurge on makeup products because I don't find a need to.
The only time I really spend on makeup products are to give it as a gift to my girlfriends.
& I'm lucky enough to have good friends that buy me products that I will never get for myself,
& companies that sent me products to try out!

Here are some of the products that I use:

I'm a very lazy person. I can skip showering (wtf?),
but I will never opt out from cleansing my face.
It's very important to cleanse it well before you start applying anything on your face!!!
Don't let the dirt build up within those layers of makeup!
(I will feel uncomfortable if my face is oily/dirty & just continue my makeup. ew)

Since my secondary school days (sec3?) I've started using concealer to conceal my eyebags..
I regretted though.. Like I was so young back then & started using makeup already?
But well, the generation now? nah it's fine for a secondary school student to put full makeup.

I have tried many types/brands of concealers, but until now I have not found the perfect one for me.
But I have been using ZA's Perfect Fit Concealer for quite a few times, I guess this is my 3rd tube? in between those I've tried others, so I don't only stick with this..

However, for this MeNow Pro Foundation, I really like it! I use it as concealer/contour.
I never heard of this brand before (sorry not sorry), I just thought the combination of colours works for like a daily makeup (I'm also able to mix different colours just to fit my skin tone), and because it's cream base, it means more coverage? so I just got it.
& wow. I love it!
It's already hitting the pan, so I probably need to get a new one or find something new to replace it.

Since I have really chubby cheeks, I really spam contour products!
Instead of just using dark cream foundation to contour my face, I use contour powder to enhance it even more.

Contouring not only gives you the illusion of smaller face, it also define your features too!

So here I'm using MeNow Pro 3 colour foundation (dark brown) & Maybelline's V-Face Blush Contour (Brown) along the hollows of the cheek & the chin..

Sometimes I really love how the Koreans are able to pull off the dewy face,
but on me it will just look like I have friggin' oily skin, which I dislike,
so I have no choice but to ensure that my face look as matte as possible..

I used so much liquid & cream base products, so I need to set them, I pat on Maybelline's Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake powder to mattify my face
On top of that, I use Revlon's Translucent powder to 'bake' the areas that will most likely crease/tend to be oily, such as my under eye...

It's time for the eyes!
Probably the most important part of my face, & the longest time I spent on when I do my makeup.

I start off with Mary Kay's eye primer so that the eyeshadow will not shift & will last throughout the day...
Does your eyes makeup last all day?

I love to have my eye makeup really dark & heavy, & I love experimenting with different colours, but not brave enough to go all neon & bright.
Here I'm using Urban Decay New Eyeshadow Palette, NAKED HEAT!

For the base I used 'sauced', one of the lighter shade in the NAKED HEAT palette, so that when I stack darker colours on top, it will blend with my skin, & it would not look like I just got punched on my eye..

Next, I used 'he devil' to darken the corner of the eyes.

Using a shimmer colour, 'ounce', for the center of the lids, and the inner corner of the eyes to brighten my eyes.

'Ashes' to define the eye socket...

Lining my eyes is the probably the most important step to makeup routine because again, I have SINGLE EYELIDS, & it's the only makeup product that really make me look awake!!
I'm not blessed with beautiful lids like you girls have ):

I draw my liners really thick so that it gives an illusion of bigger eyes.

I die for pencil eyeliners, because it's easier to draw thick lines, & it glides smoothly across the lids (provided you use the correct pencil).

Silky Girl Long-wearing Eyeliner in Black Brown is probably the eyeliner I always get, because it's DARN CHEAP, & work wonders for me!
I don't usually go for solid black because it will look too harsh.

Many friends come to me & wonder how my eyeliner last all day without smudging or disappear.
The secret to it is...
I use eyeshadow on top of my liner!
It's like applying powder on top of concealer/foundation!

I use the shade 'Triple Fudge' in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar to go over my eyeliner to make it last the entire day & it would not budge a single bit.
Not forgetting the lower lash line, applied Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Alkaline to match my eye shadow..

An eye makeup will never be complete without giving the lashes some attention.
Every girl would love to have long & luscious lashes, but for me, I have really thin & sparse lashes..
If I do not have lash extensions, I literally spam layers & layers of mascaras.

I use 2 different mascaras,
Maybelline's Big Eyes Barbie for the top lashes,
& The Falsies for my bottom lashes.

*Fun tip:
Heat up your eyelash curler with hair dryer for more curling effect! (Becareful, It's hot!!)

I'm almost done!
3 products to make me more alive:
-Contour (nose)

I sweep off the translucent powder..
Using Maybelline's V-Face Blush contour kit (Pink) for my cheeks.
Back to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, 'Champagne Truffle' is the way to go to highlight the cheekbones, nose bridge, cupid's bow & the chin!

Followed by Daiso's Brow powder kit to contour my nose, to make 'em look smaller & sharper.
(YES! DAISO! $2)

Last but definitely not the least..
The makeup rule is that if the eye makeup is strong, you should go a little more natural for the lips,
but NAH!
who care's about the rule, I'm just gonna go bold for everything..

Using my all-time favourite lipstick, Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in HOMEGIRL!
& here is the makeup look!
It doesn't look too overpowering yet still fancy enough to go wherever whenever.

Of course, feel free to play around with different lip colours for different events/occasions:
Here are a few lipstick choices from MakeUpForEver's Artist Rouge Light Luminous Hydrating Lipsticks:

Out shopping with girlfriends: A nude pink
Something more girly, but not too much..
Shade: L500 Deep Purple

Picnic/beach day out with family: Coral
How about something more family friendly..
Shade: L301 Apricot

A date with your boyfriend: Pinky
& maybe something flirty but not too seductive..
Shade: L203 Rose P├ętale

Note to self: Always be comfortable with how you look at the end of the day,
because you're you, no one else can take that away from you.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Browhaus Brow Resurrection

I did my Brows Resurrection with Browhaus 2 years back,
& I thought that maybe it's time for me to change the shapes of my brows,
SO YES, Thank you Browhaus for having me once again!

So this was my brow shape 2 years back, the Korean thick-straight brows,

So after 2 years, I started trying to draw my brows to change the shape, but somewhat failed, 
& this was the result..  (I look like crayonshinchan)

decided to go for more of an arched brows, & this is what I've got!
I'm very happy with the results:

So this is me after 20 days post brow resurrection:


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Outfit // First post of 2017

I've been neglecting this space so much that I almost forgot I have this site :/
So I guess I will probably start updating regularly, & find more time to share what I've been up to, & most importantly my outfit (thats probably what you guys are more interested in..)

6 months of hiatus, I'm finally back with a long overdue outfit posts!
I update my Instagram regularly with selfies & outfits,
a few of you DM me on where I got the pieces from, so here it is!

Choker: F21
Top: @Shopohmeow
Skirt: TB
Bag: @luxyfix
Boots: H&M

Cap: Gift
Choker: BKK
Top: Wardrobemess
Skirt: Purpur

Cap: TB
Choker: F21
Jacket: TB
Fishnet Stockings: TB
Jeans: *Thrifted
Bag: @Shopkysse
Shoes: Vans

Choker: Christian Dada
Top: TB
Skirt: F21
Bag: @Shopkysse
Fishnet Stockings: TB
Shoes: Vans
Watch: Daniel Wellington

Top: F21
Bralet: Calvin Klein
Jeans: TB
Belt: TB
Bag: @Shopkysse
Shoes: Vans

Choker: Lovisa
Dress: Young Hungry Free
Belt: H&M
Bag: @Shopkysse
Boots: TB

Choker: *Random String
Top: Carris Labelle
Jeans: *Thrifted
Bag: @Shopkysse

Top: @Wickaid
Choker: HongKong
Necklace: D.I.Y
Belt: TB
Jeans: TB

Glasses: BKK
Choker: F21
Top: Carris Labelle
Belt: TB
Jeans: Wardrobemess
Bag: @Shopkysse
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith

Top: @KittyOnDeck
Necklace: D.I.Y
Skirt: @KittyOnDeck
Boots: TB

Choker: Lovisa
Top: KittyOnDeck
Jeans: Wardrobemess
Belt: Wardrobemess
Shoes: Vans

Choker: ALDO
Top: F21
Shorts: BKK
Belt: Bershka
Watch: Daniel Wellington

Choker: *Random Ribbon
Top: JocieLabel
Outerwear: Wardrobemess
Jeans: TB
Belt: Bershka
Boots: H&M
Bag: @shopkysse
Watch: Daniel Wellington

Choker: *Random Ribbon
Top: @ShopOhMeow
Jeans: Wardrobemess
Bag: @Shopkysse
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith

Top: Tempt
Outerwear: Wardrobemess
Bag: @Shopkysse
Fishnet Socks: TB
Boots: H&M

Choker: Lovisa
Jumpsuit: Editors Market
Belt: Bershka
Blazer: Sister's
Bag: @Shopkysse
Shoes: Vans

Shades: TB
Choker: Christian Dada
Top: HongKong
Outerwear: BKK
Pants: TB
Shoes: Vans


*to summarise this outfit post, you can pretty much tell that I live on chokers to survive, haha
just grab any random ribbon/strings & tie around your neck to complete your outfit!

Can't wait to update more on my outfits etc.!

Till next time!